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Tesla Updates Summon Feature After Customer Crashes Model S

Tesla Updates Summon Feature After Customer Crashes Model S
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Tesla Updates Summon Feature After Customer Crashes Model S

Tesla has recently decided to release an update to its Summon feature. Coincidentally, there was a report for one vehicle crash due to Summon right before the update went up.

Jared Overton from Utah is a proud owner of a Tesla Model S. On April 29, the unexpected happened. He was reportedly talking to someone about his car while standing next to it for a few seconds. Afterwards, he went inside the building and returned outside five minutes later. This time, he found his Model S crashed under a trailer. Evidently, it seemed the vehicle drove itself.

Overton had notified Tesla about the incident, and according to Tech Insider, the vehicle owner received a response from a Tesla regional service manager saying, “The incident occurred as a result of the driver not being properly attentive to the vehicle’s surroundings while using the Summon feature or maintaining responsibility for safely controlling the vehicle at all times.”

Meanwhile, Tesla also said that its Summon feature is in beta mode. Just the same, the company insists that its vehicle owners have agreed to a number of terms on their touch screen prior to enabling the Summon. Tesla also explained that the feature may not be able to detect “certain obstacles” such as something very narrow or “lower than the fascia.”

Following the incident, the Summon feature has received an update from Tesla, allowing drivers to choose the direction their vehicle will be headed to before they make an exit. The Summon feature allows Model S and Model X vehicles to enter a garage door, park itself and power down. At the same time, this feature can also allow drivers to tell their vehicle to pull out of the garage and start when the vehicle is about to be used.

When asked if the Overton’s crash was the reason for the update, Tech Insider reports that Tesla simply said, “Tesla is always making improvements to features in our vehicles.”

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