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Tesla News: Owner Blames Himself For Autopilot Crash This Time

Tesla News: Owner Blames Himself For Autopilot Crash This Time
2012 Tesla Model S Jack Snell / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


Tesla News: Owner Blames Himself For Autopilot Crash This Time

Finally, there is one  Tesla car driver who crashed his car and said he is at fault instead of the Tesla Autopilot.

On August 7, Tesla driver Mark Molthan was driving his Model S along highway 175 near Kaufman, Texas when the car suddenly swerved into a cable guardrail. At the time of the incident, Molthan’s car was on Autopilot. Following the accident, Molthan did not suffer serious injuries. However, he did end up with a bloody nose.

Unlike other drivers who blamed the Tesla Autopilot system for their crashes, Molthan readily admitted he had not bee paying close attention to his own driving around the time of the accident. In fact, he had reached into the glove compartment to get a piece of cloth and was busy cleaning the car’s dashboard before the crash had taken place.

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Nonetheless, Molthan told Teslarati that he didn’t think much of his habits as he had previously traveled on the same stretch of highway with his Model S on Autopilot. In fact, his car managed to go through the same roads on Autopilot without incident in the past. Today, Molthan’s insurance provider sent a letter to Tesla Motors requesting a joint inspection for Molthan’s accident.

As for Molthan, his confidence in Tesla’s Autopilot to take on the highways is now shattered. “I used Autopilot all the time on that stretch of the highway. But now I feel like this is extremely dangerous. It gives you a false sense of security.”

Molthan told Bloomberg that after the car’s first impact with the guardrail, the Model S continued to accelerate on Autopilot.

Molthan also owns a Tesla Model X. After the accident, he admitted that he is not keen to replace his damaged Model S with another Tesla.

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