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Tesla News: Autopilot Saves Driver From Crash (Watch)

Tesla News: Autopilot Saves Driver From Crash (Watch)
Tesla Model S Casey Boyle / Flickr CC


Tesla News: Autopilot Saves Driver From Crash (Watch)

With all the accidents surrounding the Tesla Autopilot system lately, one man has come forward claiming that this time, the system helped him avoid a possible crash with another vehicle. What’s more, he’s got the video to prove it.

Bobby Blackwolf from Voice of Geeks Network said that the incident happened mid-May while he was driving home from downtown Atlanta to northwest of Atlanta. Traffic was heavy, since it was finals week and there were a lot of students out. He was driving along the i75 next to a semi when the incident happened.

“Had I not had that Autopilot, I would have hit that car in front of me,” Blackwolf explained. He was driving in the left lane when suddenly, the vehicles in front of him started engaging their brakes.

According to a report from electrek, the Forward Collision Avoidance system managed to alert Blackwolf about a possible impact, allowing him to apply the brakes as his alarm sounded off. At the same time, Blackwolf said the Autopilot had “detected they (other cars) were slowing down before I did.” That further helped him avoid a possible crash.

In contrast, a car right behind Blackwolf’s Tesla did not have an Autopilot. “He had nowhere to go.” The car ended up slamming the back of Blackwolf’s car.

Blackwolf said nobody was hurt in the incident. Moreover, his Model S managed to emerge practically unscathed with a slight fender bender. At the same time, all of his cars sensors were said to be working perfectly fine after being hit.

As for Consumer Reports‘ statement released recently that called on Tesla to deactivate its Autopilot system for the moment, Blackwolf said, “What I actually hear is that they feel like [this accident] should have been a three-car pileup rather than the slight fender bender that it actually was.”


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