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Tesla Motors To Open Eight New Service Centers In Japan

Tesla Motors To Open Eight New Service Centers In Japan
Tesla Model S Maurizio Pesce/Flickr CC BY 2.0


Tesla Motors To Open Eight New Service Centers In Japan

Tesla Motors has revealed on June 25 that it has plans to open eight new service centers in Japan this year, a move that can be considered as an aggressive step of business expansion in the country.

Tesla, which is having some problem selling its Model S in China, is now keen to conquer the Japanese market with improved servicing. The company has also announced that it will increase the super chargers in the country to 30 this year. Currently, Tesla Motors has just one service center and six super chargers in Japan.

The new Tesla service centers in Japan are to bring convenience to car customers. The Tesla S that is for sale in the Japanese market from 2014 has a price tag of $75,000 or 9.37 million yen. Naturally, customers who purchase such a car with a hefty price tag expect better service.

The problem customers faced with just one service center was delay in services along with increased cost of maintenance. The Tesla business also suffered a lot as customers hesitated to purchase vehicles from the company.

Yokohama center is the only service center from the reach of many customers. Once the company sets up new service centers, customers will not have to run to Yokohama for small requirements.

The move of the electric car manufacturing company is also a tactical one before launching Model X, expected to arrive in Japan by 2016. In order to attract more customers, service centers are a must.

The Japan market has never been an easy target for car companies with many brands battling it out to get shares. Tesla is also going to face sharp competition and to survive, the company has decided to launch Model X as soon as possible. This will provide choice to drivers and may be beneficial for the company.

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