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‘Tesla Model X’ Specs: How To Order; Model X Prices

‘Tesla Model X’ Specs: How To Order; Model X Prices
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‘Tesla Model X’ Specs: How To Order; Model X Prices

Tesla Model X launch has come and gone, and we’re here to stop gawking and start really digesting the specs of Tesla Model X, the awesome SUV from Tesla.

Tesla Model X, that loving $132,000-worth ultra fast, family-friendly SUV that runs not on gasoline but on electricity, has finally arrived. In this “Tesla Model X” report, we will find out what we know about the beast so far.

The launch, though a PR disaster, according to Venture Beat, unveiled to the world, one of the most awaited EV in the planet, ever since it was teased by the Company’s CEO, Elon Musk, around three years ago. The delay of the start and the “amateurish” presentation were just part of the small indistinct echo in the entire show.

The center of it all? The seven-seater Tesla Model X. And no fiasco or flop will ever take the spotlight away from it.

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What are the specs of Tesla Model X?

Morning News USA has revealed in its preview reports that it has a 90 kWh battery pack for a 250-mile run. Its gears are superb with great upgrades for the Model X Signature series.

Its safety designs are incredible with a floor-mounted battery putting the center of gravity lower so rolling over is lessened. The battery structure don’t just act as an anti-pollution system, but also lessens the “impact intrusions”. The front trunk also makes sure it can act as a crumple zone, as the Company calls it.

Collisions are avoided with the car’s Active Safety features, which prompt the driver about things that might happen so accidents are avoided. The car is equipped with radar, sonar systems and a camera so anything that the car detects will be sent to the driver.

Fearing a zombie apocalypse? Musk joked about it when he referenced the HEPA filters and the Bioweapon Defense Mode of the car, which actually blocks off viruses, bacteria, pollen and other polluting substances in the air outside the vehicle.

And who will forget the Falcon Wings, which, according to Entrepreneur, was inspired by Musk’s own family and having twins of their own. The Wings, or the car doors, actually work even in cramped spaces so you will never have to worry about getting your children in and scratching the car parked beside you.

The futuristic panoramic windshield is another first. You can actually see the stars above while looking ahead. The website’s artistic rendering made sure you can see the mountains without missing the sky. Awesome.

And it’s family-friendly, because it can seat seven people safely, plus all the gears you need for your trip. The Company boasts of the car’s second row, which has seats reclining independently with proper maximizing of all the passengers’ comfort. The legroom is apt and the seat storage is enough to bring more on your trip. You can fold the third row flat and bend the second row forward if you need more space.

And did we mention it’s ultrafast? With a 250 mile-range, 3.8-second speed for a 0-60 mph switch, a 3.2-second Ludicrous Speed Upgrade if you think 3.8 seconds are not enough, 259 hp front, 503 hp rear motor power and 155 mph top speed, it’s not that bad.

Want to reserve a Tesla Model X now? Click here to get to their website.

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