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Tesla Model X Saved This Surgeon’s Life, Here’s How

Tesla Model X Saved This Surgeon’s Life, Here’s How
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Tesla Model X Saved This Surgeon’s Life, Here’s How

While some consumers and consumer groups have questioned the reliability of Tesla due to recent crashes involving its Autopilot system, one surgeon is saying that his Tesla Model X actually his life.

Dr. Jonathan Braman knows a lot about car accidents. As an orthopedic surgeon for the University of Minnesota Medical Center, he has dealt with an extensive number of injuries resulting from roadside incidents where victims are critically wounded. Little did he know, however, that he and his family will be at the center of one while on a family trip during the past weekend.

It happened while Braman was driving his way south on East Bush Lake in Bloomington. In his new Tesla Model X were Braman’s wife, two kids, and the family dog, all seated on the backseat while Braman’s 76-year-old father sat beside him in the front.

Braman was looking to turn left, east onto Interstate 494. The arrow was lit green. He pulled out to turn when suddenly, he saw an oncoming white GMC SUV.

“I did see him coming. The [Model X] has the largest windshield ever put in a car. This was the largest windshield ever, filled-up by a GMC,” Braman told City Pages.

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Braman believes the GMC was traveling at around 45 miles per hour. The main point of impact was the side where Braman’s father sat. The experienced surgeon slammed on his brakes as his Model X and the GMC hit each other. Airbags deployed after the collision, and a group of young men pulled over to help them.

Fortunately, Braman and the rest of his family were not harmed in the accident, and he gives credit to the design of the Model X.

According to Tesla, the Model X is an SUV “designed with safety as the first priority.” Since there is no gasoline engine in the front trunk of the vehicle, it turns into a “giant impact-absorbing crumple zone,” as what had happened during Braman’s crash.

Following the accident, Braman said, “The [Tesla] car did its job. It sacrificed itself so my family could be safe. The car absorbed the impact to protect, even, the occupants of the other vehicle.” He also said he chose to buy the Model X because of its safety features.

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