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Tesla Model S P85D – Changing The Definition Of Electric Cars

Tesla Model S P85D – Changing The Definition Of Electric Cars
Tesla Model S Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Tesla Model S P85D – Changing The Definition Of Electric Cars

The latest release from Tesla, Model S P85D, is designed to impress not only the young drivers but also the critics. This four-wheel drive, fully electric family hatchback is something really out of the ordinary.

The Model S of Tesla has been running on the roads for the last few years in a few varieties including the regular 85 and the 60 designed to offer a range of 310 miles and a more modest 240 miles respectively.

With the latest release of P85D, Tesla seems to have outrun all its previous standards and have inaugurated a new era in the electrical car industry. The model serves as an example to demonstrate the potential of next gen electrical cars and how driving can turn green without compromising speed and acceleration.

The extraordinary power of this latest Tesla car release lies in its two-motor electric drive system, which gives it more range and acceleration than most of the other cars running on the road.

This new Model S version was launched last year and encapsulated an instant advancement from its previous rear wheel drive models; including a separate motor to drive the front wheels along with the rears added exorbitantly to its power and feel.

The non-performance variant of the model comes with dual motors and a 85 kw-hour battery pack offering 376 horsepower with a range of 270 miles. The Performance model, on the other hand, comes with 691 horsepower and takes only 3.2 seconds to gain an acceleration of 0-60 mph.

With its 4,647-pound weight, the Model S P85D is around a ton heavier than typical super car models, but the weight does not actually hamper its fuss-free direction change or cornering abilities. Even at the best of its speed the car continues to remain highly stable, smooth and noise-free.

The electrically power-assisted steering system is highly precise and responsive. It offers three different weights ranging from light to heavy. The interior of the car is simple yet classy. It comes with a massive touchscreen in the middle of the instrument panel along with an attractive gauge display.

On the downside, we can mention the lack of changes in the external appearance from its basic S model. There are no LED headlights and the built-in third party applications are limited to Slacker and TuneIn Internet radio. In the U.S., the model has a base price of $105,670.

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