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Tesla Model S Crashes Into Parked Trailer, Owner Blames Car Mechanism

Tesla Model S Crashes Into Parked Trailer, Owner Blames Car Mechanism
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Tesla Model S Crashes Into Parked Trailer, Owner Blames Car Mechanism

Tesla Model S in Utah seems to have entered into a bit of controversy when it “self-drove” itself straight into a parked trailer. The car owner refuses to accept blame and holds the car responsible for the damages incurred.

Jared Overton, the Utah driver, put all the blame on the autonomous tech of Tesla Model S, stating that he had left the car alone for 5 minutes and gone to a nearby building, then came back to find the hood of his car under the trailer. Utterly baffled and not knowing how it could have happened, Overton contacted Tesla, who flat out refused to take responsibility for the accident whatsoever, reports Jalopnik.

In a letter addressed to Overton, and obtained by KSL, this is what the automobile company had to say:

“Tesla has reviewed the vehicle’s logs, which show that the incident occurred as a result of the driver not being properly attentive to the vehicle’s surroundings while using the Summon feature or maintaining responsibility for safely controlling the vehicle at all times…”

So as it turns out, Overton indeed shared a conversation with a fellow employee regarding the mechanism of his car before walking into the building. The conversation took place within the vicinity of the car, and there is a possibility that something Overton had said automatically opened up the Summons feature and activated it without the owner’s knowledge, states The Verge.

But even cars like Tesla Model S are meant for people of varying attention spans, so should Tesla be selling a car that can autonomously crash into nearby objects without the driver being alerted about it? This is one of the reasons FCA was compelled to call back about a million cars, because their complicated controls were too confusing for buyers.

In a statement to KSL, Tesla defended its technology, saying that the Summon feature “may not detect certain obstacles, including those that are very narrow (e.g., bikes), lower than the fascia, or hanging from the ceiling.” Now that is definitely going to raise some eyebrows!

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