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Tesla Model 3 Reservation: Here’s How You Can Do It

Tesla Model 3 Reservation: Here’s How You Can Do It
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Tesla Model 3 Reservation: Here’s How You Can Do It

The big Tesla Model 3 reveal is almost here. And just in case you’re already itching to make a reservation, the Tesla Motors Team just released some details on how you can do that beginning March 31.

Yes, the much anticipated launch of the Model 3 is still a few days away, but Tesla thought now would be a good time to talk to prospective customers about how to reserve this car. Not only that, Tesla also gave a brief information regarding what you should expect from the Model 3 production soon as you’ve made your reservation.

As far as reservation goes, Tesla says there are two ways to reserve for a Model 3. The first is by making your way to your nearest Tesla store the moment it opens on March 31. To help you figure out which Tesla store is closest to you, Tesla can actually help you find one here.

Meanwhile, you can also make a Model 3 reservation while streaming Tesla’s launch event online on March 31. The Model 3 unveiling is scheduled at 8:30pm PT live from the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California. When the unveiling starts, reservations will also be taken in.

As for the reservation amount, it is approximately $1,000. If you need to convert this amount to another currency, Tesla already thought of making your life easier by already making certain conversions here. Meanwhile, Tesla says that you can also use the reservation to buy a Model S or Model X in case you change your mind at any time. On the other hand, the reservation is also fully refundable.

As for order queues, Tesla says it will try to be “as fair as possible,” which is why each region will get a different queue. Nonetheless, it should be noted that existing Tesla customers in each region will remain a priority. As Tesla says, “The fastest way to buy a Model 3 is to buy a Model S or Model X.”

The production of the Model 3 is scheduled to begin in late 2017. Once it does, the company will start making deliveries in North America, moving from the West Coast towards the east. As Tesla continues to increase its production, the company will then start making deliveries to Europe, APAC and right-hand drive markets. Tesla says the goal of delivery is to be able to “maximize total customer happiness within the bounds of what is physically possible.”

As for the unveiling, the company says, “We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.”

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