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Tesla Model 3 Release Date: Elon Musk Way Ahead Of Schedule, Rushes Gigafactory In Nevada

Tesla Model 3 Release Date: Elon Musk Way Ahead Of Schedule, Rushes Gigafactory In Nevada
Elon Musk, Tesla Factory, Fremont (CA, USA) Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Tesla Model 3 Release Date: Elon Musk Way Ahead Of Schedule, Rushes Gigafactory In Nevada

After being involved in a series of accidents involving its Autopilot system and suffering a drop in its stock price following the announcement of the second part of its master plan, Tesla and its founder Elon Musk is determined to put everything behind them.

The company is now focused on finishing its ambitious Gigafactory in Nevada way ahead of schedule. And it is believed this is all for the Model 3.

“We have to be ready with cell and pack production well ahead of vehicle production,” explained JB Straubel, the co-founder and chief technical officer of Tesla. “We’re accelerating our construction plans and accelerating our planned ramp up of cell production.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that Tesla has already doubled the number of people working in the construction of the Gigafactory. They now have 1,000 workers on two shifts working seven days a week to ensure that the lithium-ion cells will be ready and the factory will be operational before the launch of the Model 3.

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As Morning News USA previously reported, estimated cost of construction permitted of Tesla’s Gigafactory back in June has so far amounted to $322.6 million.

In a report done by Jack Cookson from buildzoom, it was revealed that the ten largest permits secured by Tesla included area expansion, battery cell manufacturing equipment installation, mechanical work, electrical work, structural steel erection, installation of manufacturing equipment, concrete flatworks, architectural interiors, utility yards as well as mezzanine steel and concrete.

As far as safety goes, Tesla’s factory boasts a four-part foundation. At the same time, the company has spent a total of $4.7 million for fire safety. This includes the permit for its own fire command center. Moreover, Tesla’s Gigafactory contains a 1.5 million gallon water tank, twice the amount of water an Olympic-sized pool can hold.

Currently, Tesla is said to be building battery packs for battery storage business in the area. Nonetheless, it is importing battery cells from Panasonic Corp. in Japan.

Today, Tesla’s stock is up by 3.482 percent to $230.01.

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