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Tesla Model 3 Photos & Video Are Here!

Tesla Model 3 Photos & Video Are Here!
Tesla Model 3 Tesla Motors / Twitter


Tesla Model 3 Photos & Video Are Here!

There’s no denying it. Everybody is still excited about the Model 3. The unveiling may be done, and a lot of reservation may have already been made. Nonetheless, Tesla magic is still in the air. So much so that new photos and video of the Model 3 have left a lot of people smiling.

Tesla’s unveiling of the Model 3 inside the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne last March was met with positive reviews and more financially rewarding results. Early on, Morning News USA reported that Tesla’s latest car was undoubtedly a stunner. It has a smooth flowing design, and in case you’ve been looking for one, it’s also got a “frunk,” a front trunk, that can fit even your travel luggage.

Recently, Motor Trend scored the world’s first photoshoot that features Tesla’s entire fleet. This includes the $35,000 Model S along with the Model X SUV and the newest version of the Model S. The shoot was done in Tesla’s 800,000 square-foot Gigafactory 1 battery production located in Sparks, Nevada.

Testing director Kim Reynolds said that he loves the fact that the Model 3 has “no fake grill or openings or anything like that up there that don’t do anything.” Instead, you’re left with a car that has been done aerodynamically right.

Reynolds explained that with the design of the Model 3’s front, “air is going to move around properly at the front of the car.” Meanwhile, he also took the time to appreciate Model 3’s unique door handle.

It’s safe to say that the Model 3 is the most anticipated electric vehicle today. Back in April, Tesla said that they had received as much as 325,000 reservations for its latest and cheapest vehicle during its first week of introduction. That is tantamount to an expected sales earnings of about $14 billion, should all reservations go through as planned.

Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk announced recently that plans to start production on Model 3 may have to be pushed back slightly further. Nonetheless, Musk is optimistic that customers can start getting their hand on their own Model 3 by 2018.

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