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Tesla Model 3 March 31 Event: Man Sitting In Line For 48 Hours, Google Doc Reservation List Updating Live

Tesla Model 3 March 31 Event: Man Sitting In Line For 48 Hours, Google Doc Reservation List Updating Live
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Tesla Model 3 March 31 Event: Man Sitting In Line For 48 Hours, Google Doc Reservation List Updating Live

This time around, Andreas Stephens is gearing up for change. For some time now, he has been driving a 22-year old Toyota Corolla Seca. After all, the car has been driving him from point A to point B just fine. Today, however, Stephens wants more than fine. That is why he’s woken up real early to be the first in line to make a reservation for Tesla’s upcoming Model 3.

The all-new Model 3 electric car from Tesla has been creating a lot of buzz lately. For starters, it will reportedly be the most affordable car model ever released by Tesla Motors as the company said the car will retail for around $30,000. Nonetheless, Stephens is already thinking that the Model 3 will cost around $65,000 to $75,000 by the time it reaches him in Australia. However, that doesn’t matter to him. He’s determined to get one and he’s willing to sit in line for 48 hours to make a reservation to prove it.

Just a few days ago, Tesla took to their blog to discuss the process of reserving your very own Model 3. For starters, reservations won’t be available until March 31. And when the day comes, Tesla said customers can readily make a reservation with their local Tesla store the moment it opens that morning. According to a report from EFTM, the Tesla Showroom located at the Lower North Shore in Artarmon, Sydney opens at 8 AM. Stephens is currently out there in a camping chair, happily waiting in line.

While sitting in wait, Stephens may also be spending the time visualizing his future car garage. After all, he admits he currently doesn’t have one for the Model 3. Staying optimistic, however, Stephens remarked, “I’ve got two years to build one.”

Stephens’ timeline may actually be more realistic than anyone thinks. For starters, Tesla did say that production on the Model 3 will only begin in late 2017. And when it does, the first of the deliveries will happen in North America. After that, only then will the company start making deliveries to Europe and APAC. Another thing, current Tesla customers will be priority so new customers like Stephens may have to wait a few months longer.

For Stephens, that’s not a deal breaker. The moment he heard about Tesla from his 19-year old son, he was sold. At the same time, the man looks forward to telling his future grandkids about the story of how he sat in line for 48 hours just to be the first in the area to reserve a Model 3 someday.

And just in case you’re wondering who else is looking to reserve for a Tesla Model 3 aside from Stephens, check out this list of Model 3 customers from all over the world that’s updating live!

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