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Tesla Model 3 Leaked Image: Find Out If It’s The Real One

Tesla Model 3 Leaked Image: Find Out If It’s The Real One
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Tesla Model 3 Leaked Image: Find Out If It’s The Real One

Reports are currently swirling around that a disgruntled employee of electric vehicle company Tesla has decided to leak an image of the Model 3 ahead of its launch at the end of the month. Tesla Motors, however, has since denied that the image was that of the upcoming Model 3.

Instead, Tesla insists that the supposed leaked image of the highly anticipated Model 3 is actually a tweaked photo of its Model X press photo. Moreover, the company says the image in question did not even come from the company and that the whole point of leaking a fake photo by the source to various news outlets was simply to gain some attention.

According to a report from Value Walk, however, it seems the person who leaked the photo was also able to provide convincing evidence that he or she was a real Tesla employee. Sources even described the email as “watertight” having with a staff directory of as much as 800 Tesla workers with phone numbers and email addresses. With regard to this, Tesla had confirmed that such a directory is not readily available outside the company. This suggests that the source may indeed, be on the inside.

Recently, Tesla had sent exclusive invites ahead of the unveiling of the Model 3 prototype on March 31 at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California. The event is expected to host less than 800 people and guests can expect to take the prototype Model 3 for a quick spin. A lottery was also drawn to determine the lucky Tesla owners who can attend the event with their guests. Six hundred fifty seats had been reserved for them, according to a copy of the invitation from Fansided.

Meanwhile, Motley Fool reports that Tesla has recently unveiled the logo of the Model 3. It is a lone “E” from the “E” in Tesla’s current logo.

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