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Tesla Model 3: Invites To Exclusive Unveiling Are Out!

Tesla Model 3: Invites To Exclusive Unveiling Are Out!
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Tesla Model 3: Invites To Exclusive Unveiling Are Out!

It’s March and Tesla is sticking to its promise. The Model 3 prototype will definitely be revealed at the end of the month. And as proof, Tesla Motors has already sent out a number of invites.

The event will happen at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California on March 31. It will start at 7:00 PM. At 8:30, Tesla’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer will take center stage to deliver a presentation. This will be broadcast live stream on Tesla’s website so Tesla’s fans can see what’s going on.

During the much anticipated event, Tesla has promised that guests will be able to take the Model 3 for a “quick spin.” After all, the gathering is being described as “intimate” where less than 800 people will be attending. On the other hand, a report from Fansided reveals that Tesla will also be inviting a number of existing Tesla car owners to the unveiling.

650 seats have been reserved to Tesla owners and their own guests. Here’s the catch, though. You would have to win the lottery to secure an invite. Entering the lottery is done through one’s MyTesla email address. Tesla had actually sent emails to its customers and urged them to click on an “Enter” button to signify them joining the lottery draw. The lucky Tesla customers names will be drawn before noon PST on March 16. Meanwhile, Tesla says they will send out official invitations by March 17.

The Model 3 is a highly anticipated car model, especially among electric vehicle consumers. In fact, a recent poll done by Clean Technica revealed that 55 percent of electric vehicle enthusiasts says they are likely to buy or lease a Model 3 over any other electric car currently in or arriving in the market. The 2nd Generation Nissan Leaf came a distant second with just 32.75 percent of 1,203 votes.

The good news is, Tesla says that will start accepting Model 3 reservations in Tesla stores beginning 10 AM PST on March 31. Moreover, reservations will also be taken online soon as the event begins. At the same time, Tesla says that current Tesla owners will be given priority when it comes to Model 3 reservations. This means, their reservations will be placed ahead of everyone else’s.

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