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Tesla Model 3 Concept: Configure Your Own Design, Here’s How

Tesla Model 3 Concept: Configure Your Own Design, Here’s How
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Tesla Model 3 Concept: Configure Your Own Design, Here’s How

If you’re one of those who already have a reservation for the Model 3 and is now waiting for your dream car, here’s something that will help you relax a little. Just recently, an unofficial site was unveiled that lets Tesla fans design a Model 3 the way they want it to look like. It’s certainly not the real thing, but it’s a lot of fun anyway.

The online application is simply called the model3config which readily lets you know that the program is an “unofficial configurator,” so don’t get your hopes up that whatever you create here can be sent to Tesla and applied to your Model 3. Just think of this site as a way to flex your creative muscles. And what better way to do so than with an exciting car like the Model 3.

In fact, the site itself was reportedly created by “an eager Model 3 reservation holder.” According to a report from Electrek, was actually created by a Tesla Motors Club member named Bayol. His occupation involves Visual Effects and he lives in Los Angeles, California.

Last Sunday, Bayol said that during the past month or so, he ha been doing a lot of Photoshop projects on the Model 3 using various colors. And then someone suggested that he create a downloadable brochure featuring official Tesla colors. The idea grew in his head, and soon, he decided to create a website that’s been modeled after Tesla’s very own Design Studio.

Bayol’s site uses a photo of the Model 3 with the Golden Gate bridge in the background taken by Joseph Neuman. Currently, you can play with the car’s color and wheels. Hopefully soon, you’ll also be able to customize the interior of the Model 3, at least in photo. Bayol said he still needs to “find the right way to do it.”

Meanwhile, if you’d like to help Bayol towards his “Model 3 savings effort,” you can donate some cash by clicking on the “Donate” button at the bottom of the site. At the same time, Bayol also said it’s also possible for him to create an app version of his site for the iOS, which could a “little cleaner.”

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