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Tesla Gigafactory Size: Here’s An Insider Tip On How Big Elon Musk’s Factory Is

Tesla Gigafactory Size: Here’s An Insider Tip On How Big Elon Musk’s Factory Is
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Tesla Gigafactory Size: Here’s An Insider Tip On How Big Elon Musk’s Factory Is

Tesla is one electric vehicle maker with a very ambitious plan, so much so that it is building a Gigafactory that can possibly be the biggest factory in the entire world.

The current valuation of the Gigafactory stands at a total of $385,878,911. That is $63 million more compared to when Morning News USA previously reported on the progress of Tesla’s massive 5.8 million square feet facility in June. According to an email sent by BuildZoom’s Jack Cookson, Tesla has been focused on its Gigafactory during the recent weeks.

As far as the most expensive permit goes, Tesla has had to secure a $22 million permit for what is known as the “Section F Expansion,” with the permit being issued back in June. Aside from that, some $14.4 million in permits were spent for an addenda to the factory’s section D and E.

At the same time, Tesla is spending $9.4 million in permits for seismic anchoring. Tesla acquired two permits valued at $16.2 million. These are said to be for the installation of the Panasonic tools in the factory.

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Aside from these, permits were requested for a parking expansion as well as what is being referred to as “Nitrogen Yard.” And with the increase of construction workers currently on the Gigafactory site regularly, it only makes sense that Tesla is billed $350,000 regarding two permits for contractor lunch tents.

According to a report from Quartz, Tesla is looking to build the largest battery factory that will be known for top efficiency. By year 2018, the Gigafactory is expected to be able to delivery as much as 35 gigawatt hours of lithium-ion batteries every single year. Tesla has said the Gigafactory is now 14 percent complete.

Earlier this month, Tesla got a permit for a “temporary tent structure,” said to be intended for a “special event.” It seems that the said $300,000 tent will be used for none other than Tesla’s Gigafactory grand opening.

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