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Tesla Gets Ready For Gigafactory Grand Opening On July 29

Tesla Gets Ready For Gigafactory Grand Opening On July 29
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Tesla Gets Ready For Gigafactory Grand Opening On July 29

It’s almost here, and you can bet Tesla is getting excited. So excited, in fact, that it seems the electric vehicle maker will be throwing some sort of a party.

The proof is in the email. Tesla recently sent one to a lucky Tesla owner who won tickets to the Gigafactory Grand Opening after participating in the company’s Referral Program. According to the email, the event is set to take place on Friday, July 29 at the Gigafactory outside Reno, Nevada. Each invited guest is allowed to bring in a plus-one.

It’s not that people did not know about Tesla’s Gigafactory until now. The big deal here is, Tesla’s grand production site for its batteries has only been partially utilized in recent times. According to a report from Fortune, Tesla spent as much as $5 billion to build its massive 5.8 million square feet Gigafactory plant, which had only been 14 percent complete earlier this month. Nonetheless, ongoing construction throughout the site hasn’t stopped Tesla from getting work started.

Today, Tesla’s Gigafactory is already producing batteries for building owners, companies and utilities. After all, these batteries are capable of storing solar energy for night use. In the long run, Tesla also hopes that being able to mass produce batteries will mean that battery cost will go down by at least 1/3. It is safe to say that Tesla is looking to provide electric vehicles in the future that are cheaper than its current cheapest car, the Model 3.

As for the upcoming big event itself, guests are asked to take a flight that will take them to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, closest to the Gigafactory site. And while guests will end up paying for their own hotel accommodations, Tesla suggests that they book a room at the Whitney Peak, where there is a “reduced Tesla rate” offered for anyone who books before July 1.

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