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Tesla Falls Victim To Remote Hack Several Times (Watch)

Tesla Falls Victim To Remote Hack Several Times (Watch)
Tesla Model S Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0

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Tesla Falls Victim To Remote Hack Several Times (Watch)

Hard as it may be to believe, it’s true. One security group has found a way to hack Tesla cars and they managed to do this even when the car is several miles away.

During the course of one experimental project, researchers from the Keen Security Lab said they had found that Tesla cars have “multiple security vulnerabilities.” This is because Tesla vehicles can actually be controlled by someone who is not even within close proximity to the target vehicle.

For demonstration purposes, the team at Keen Security Lab turned a Tesla Model S P85 car into some kind of a guinea pig. They left the car parked in an open space as the researchers stayed in another car parked across. Using a remote control, they opened the Tesla’s sunroof, activated its steering lights and even adjusted a seat.

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In case anyone was still in doubt about Tesla vehicles being hackable, one of the researchers from the organization also pointed out that they have managed to successfully do a remote hack on other Tesla vehicle models. To illustrate, they performed another experiment on a brand new Tesla Model S 75D.

This time, the Keen Security Lab managed to take complete control of the car’s touch screen. While the hack was being done, the touch screen of the car was not displaying anything but the security research lab’s logo. Moreover, the screen also wouldn’t respond to any taps. Aside from this, they also managed to unlock the car’s door even when its keys are far away.

Meanwhile, while the car was moving, the team also managed to activate the car’s wipers through a hack. Even more concerning, they were also able to remotely fold the car’s side mirrors and even open the car’s trunk while the Tesla was on the move. Indeed, hacks like these can definitely compromise driving safety.

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But perhaps, the most shocking hack of all in the video is when the Keen Security Lab team showed that a hacker can control a Tesla car’s brakes even from 12 miles away.

According to this research team, it has already communicated all of their hack findings to Tesla. The Tesla Security Team is now working on fixing these hack issues.

Now, one question remains. Are you still willing to drive a Tesla?

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