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Tesla On Autopilot Crashes Into A Bus In Germany

Tesla On Autopilot Crashes Into A Bus In Germany
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Tesla On Autopilot Crashes Into A Bus In Germany

Another Tesla has crashed, this time into a tourist bus in Germany. And yes, the Autopilot was engaged at the time of the incident again.

A Tesla car driver had engaged his car’s driving assistance system or Autopilot when he ends up crashing into a bus along a motorway in the German town of Ratzeburg in northern Germany on Thursday. The Tesla had been driving into the back of a Danish tour bus and was returning into the inside lane while overtaking when the crash occurred.

None of the passengers inside the bus were hurt, but the 50-year old driver of the Tesla suffered some minor injuries.

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Police at the scene have confirmed that the Autopilot was active at the time of the crash. “The car driver said he had used the car’s Autopilot. It now has to be investigated why this did not work,” the police said, according to a report from Reuters.

According to a report from electrek, the Tesla Autopilot mode comes with an automatic lane change feature. However, the driver must still make sure that a lane change is safe before activating the car’s Autosteer.

Nonetheless, Tesla vehicles also come with a Side Collision Avoidance system and Automatic Emergency Braking. Police are now inquiring as to why the said features didn’t get activated right before the crash happened.

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As for Tesla, it strongly believes that the Autopilot is not to blame for this crash. “We have spoken to our customer, who confirmed that Autopilot was functioning properly and that his use of Autopilot was unrelated to the accident. We’re glad that he’s safe,” a statement from the company’s spokesperson read.

The combined damage of the bus and Tesla involved in the crash is said to cost approximately 55,000 Euros or $62,000.

The latest Tesla crash while on Autopilot happened just as Tesla has announced an upgrade in its Autopilot feature earlier this month.

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