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Terrafugia Teases Everyone With Flying Car

Terrafugia Teases Everyone With Flying Car
Picture from Terrafugia TF-X / Terrafugia Website


Terrafugia Teases Everyone With Flying Car

It’s a car. It’s a plane. Well, it’s both. Terrafugia Inc is proud to say, “We make flying cars.” After all, they actually do and it can transition from land use to air use and vice versa in an impressive 60 seconds. So in case you are unable to decide whether you should get a car or a plane, just stop. After all, Terrafugia’s TF-X will get you both.

In case you are wondering, Terrafugia’s TF-X is a four-seater so you can definitely bring your family or friends along for ride (or flight). What’s more, this hybrid electric aircraft is capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) .

The TF-X is capable of flying at least 500 miles non-stop. Moreover, you can easily fly a TF-X in manual or automatic modes. In addition, it is also able to do its vertical takeoff from a level clearing that is at least 100 feet in diameter.

As for safety, the TF-X actually comes equipped with a backup full vehicle parachute system that can be activated in case of emergency, should the operator feel that the TF-X will not be capable of doing an auto-landing. Moreover, in case you become unresponsive in the air, the TF-X is designed to make an emergency auto-landing at the nearest airport.

As an added precaution, Terrafugia said that the TF-X has been designed to automatically avoid restricted airspace as well as air traffic and bad weather. Moreover, in case of an emergency in the air, the operator can land the TF-X in non-approved landing zones while authorities are automatically notified upon declaring an emergency.

Terrafugia believes that learning how to fly and drive the TF-X should just take an average driver about five hours. And when you get home, you don’t have to leave the TF-X outside as it will easily fit into a single-car garage.

Meanwhile, Terrafugia CEO/CTO and Co-Founder Carl Dietrich said that the TF-X may take as much as eight years till it goes into production. Moreover, the company’s other upcoming aircraft, the Transition, is actually the current focus of the company. But Dietrich has said that the moment Transition is in production and the TF-X certification basis has been determined, “the bulk of Terrafugia’s development team will start to shift to TF-X™ work.”

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