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Terminally Ill Patient Clings For Life Until She Finds Shelter For Her Dogs

Terminally Ill Patient Clings For Life Until She Finds Shelter For Her Dogs
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Terminally Ill Patient Clings For Life Until She Finds Shelter For Her Dogs

Louann VanKoevering had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer since 2013. But despite her declining health, she still worries about her dogs, Lily and Lizzie. To her, they are family.

With family, no one gets left behind. The 77-year-old cancer patient spends her day with her beloved miniature schnauzers. She loves to stroke their fur during the day and snuggle together at night. Louann finds comfort with her two trusted pets.

But her health would not permit her to be with her two pets for much longer.

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Her 49-year-old daughter, Kristine Lang, knew about this thought that troubled Louann. Luckily, Kristine learned about Tyson’s Place Rescue Center, an adoption center for animals.

She quickly contacted the organization and discussed the procedures to secure a home for pets, Lily and Lizzie.

Tyson’s Place operates in western Michigan and is just starting up. They have a small network of foster families who are willing to adopt pets.

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Jill Bannink-Albrecht, founder of Tyson’s Place, admitted that it was not easy but she felt that these animals had been loved and cared for by their previous owners. It would be inhumane to leave them and perish.

“I feel it’s really important to provide peace of mind to people who love their animals so much and are already dealing with something so stressful. And it’s great to provide a second chance for the pets who might not have gotten it,” Bannink-Albrecht said.

Kristine would have taken care of Lily and Lizzie, but her present circumstances would not allow her. She felt that she could not provide the attention to look after her mom’s beloved pets.

She was thankful to Tyson’s Place for giving her mom’s pets a chance to enjoy living with a new family.

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