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Teqnika Moultrie: Austin Shooting Victim Identified [Photos & Facts]

Teqnika Moultrie: Austin Shooting Victim Identified [Photos & Facts]
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Teqnika Moultrie: Austin Shooting Victim Identified [Photos & Facts]

A recent shooting in Austin has led to the death of Teqnika Moultrie. She was found shot when Austin Police Officers arrived at the scene.

Based on her pictures, it’s clear that Moultrie was a woman who loved to smile. She was reportedly in Austin visiting her fiancé’s family. She was devoted to her own family, staying with her brother Ricky.

Upon his sister’s death, Ricky put out a short statement, saying, “R.I.P LITTLE SIS I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.” He also said that his sister had been “the glue to our family” when their mother passed away.

“She loved life, period,” Ricky said.

Moultrie lived in San Carlos, California and was a graduate of Woodside High School. Before she died, she was a bus driver for the Sequoia High School District. Transparent California also listed Moultrie as a Type 1 bus driver. Aside from her devotion to the job, Moultrie was also a proud supporter for the LGBT movement. In June last year, she had created a Celebrate Pride page on Facebook.

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According to a report from Statesman, Moultrie spent Saturdays out and about the city. She went rafting and was out with her fiancé in downtown Austin on Saturday night when she was shot. Ricky believed Teqnika and her fiancé “just wouldn’t be around that type of crowd, people that would commit murder.”

Following Moultrie’s death, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo issued a statement saying, “On behalf of the Austin Police Department we wish to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the young woman who lost her life to this senseless act of violence.”

Following her death, Moultrie’s friend Jennifer Lacy said, “Not a day will pass where your smile will not be remembered!”

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