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Tennessee Man Gives Free Haircuts To Students Who Want To Do Well In School

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Tennessee Man Gives Free Haircuts To Students Who Want To Do Well In School

One Tennessee man is making sure all students in school get a regular haircut even if their parents can’t always afford it. That is, so long as they agree to keep working hard in school.

Memphis man Fidells Woods is not just any barber at CJ’s First Class Cuts. He is a man that students at nearby Wiliam H. Brewster Elementary school look up to. You see, he helps groom them while teaching them lessons at the same time.

For Woods, it all started when he went to school to visited his niece. She had invited him to lunch. When he got to the school though, he realized something. A lot of the students here are in need of a haircut. That’s when he decided to talk to one of teachers.

“I asked her teacher who can I get in contact with to come up to the school just for one day to cut the students’ hair just to give back to the community,” Woods told Today. And that’s how the free haircuts started. Woods would go to the school every Wednesday to give free haircuts to the students. And while they are sitting in his barber’s chair, they also get also learn a number of lessons from him to help them do better in class.

Woods helps students with lessons, including math.

According to a report from ABC News, Woods had actually studied early childhood education at Southwest Community College. This has made him a natural teacher around children. ” I’m really there to help educate them because it’s hard for me to see young black males who don’t know how to read and do math. That’s the basics. If you can’t do that you can’t survive,” Woods explained.

Speaking of numbers, a report from The Commercial Appeal also revealed that Woods even drill some of his customers in math. That way, when they come out of his chair, they’re ready for anything, even if anything turns out to be a pop quiz.

Right inside his makeshift barbershop in school, Woods has various inspirational messages posted on the wall. There is an entire section that encourages good values. one says, “Responsibility: doing what you are expected to do. Being dependable and keeping your promises.”

“That’s really why I’m here. To be honest, it’s not about the haircuts,” Woods remarked.

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