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Tempe Shooting: Photos & Facts About What Happened

Tempe Shooting: Photos & Facts About What Happened
Tempe, Arizona Doug Kerr / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0


Tempe Shooting: Photos & Facts About What Happened

A shooting took place in Tempe, Arizona after an armed robbery occurred at a drug store.

The Tempe officer stopped an armed robbery by injuring the suspect on Wednesday morning. The suspect died after he barricaded himself in a nearby senior care center. According to RT, the officer involved is fine. The department said that zero residents of the area have been hurt. However, roads in the area have been shut down.

Tempe Police Department said in a briefing that they received a call after 9 a.m. from a Walgreens at McClintock and Guadalupe roads. They were informed that Walgreens was being robbed by a man with a firearm. According to Tempe police spokesman, Lt. Mike Pooley, the man was looking for pharmaceuticals. He also said that a SWAT team had arrived on the scene.

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While patrolling the area, police officers came across a man matching the robber’s description near Rural Road and Westchester. It was a little more than a mile away, and the officers began to chase him on foot.

The officer fired at least one round following a short struggle. The officers shot hit the man, said Pooley.

The suspect got holed up at the senior facility’s storage area. Police went inside the storage area with a stretcher, said AZ Central.

After a while, the SWAT team made contact with the suspect. According to the Tempe Police tweet, officers were preparing to transport the suspect to the hospital.

“I’ve worked here 21 years and never seen anything like this.” said Vikki Tucker, a registered nurse at Westchester.

“You see this stuff on the media but always hope it doesn’t happen in your building.”

The Tempe shooting left the officer with minor injuries and was taken to a hospital, said a Tempe police spokesman.

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