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Teens’ IQs Higher Than Stephen Hawkings: Take Quiz To Know If You Are Too

Teens’ IQs Higher Than Stephen Hawkings: Take Quiz To Know If You Are Too
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Teens’ IQs Higher Than Stephen Hawkings: Take Quiz To Know If You Are Too

A Catholic school in Bristol, United Kingdom has just added two more children geniuses on its long list of pupils with genius-level IQ, even higher than the renowned physicist Stephen Hawking.

According to a report from the Express, Liam Gormley and Michael Gowie, both 14-year-olds, have obtained an IQ score of 162, two points higher than the 160 IQ score of Hawking. The two are both attending St Bede’s Catholic College for their GCSEs.

Mensa IQ Score

The teens learned about their IQ score when they took the IQ test for Mensa, a global organization of gifted individuals. Both of them expressed interest in pursuing a career in information technology and engineering.

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Principal Catherine Hughes told the Express how proud the school is for the accomplishment of their pupils. Aside from Gormley and Gowie, the Catholic school is also home to several gifted students with IQ scores reaching the genius level.

“This is obviously a phenomenal accomplishment and we are very proud of our pupils. As well as being bright they are also well rounded, well grounded youngsters, each of whom will achieve huge success both in their studies and in life,” Hughes was quoted as saying by the Express.

Take the Mensa Workout Quiz

Mensa, or literally means ‘table’ in Latin, is a group of individuals across the world with one single criteria of qualification: IQ level. According to the organization’s website, there are more than 120,000 Mensans all over the world.

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Since different IQ tests yield different scores and scales, Mensa has set a standard percentile as a minimum requirement in accepting individuals. Prospective Mensans should obtain a 98 percentile score on an accepted IQ test or Mensa-administered test before admission to the group.

Interested individuals may start the Mensa Workout quiz, albeit the group has clarified that it is not an IQ test and score to the test does not qualify one for Mensa.

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