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Teens Found Dead Behind Grocery Store: Photos Of Natalie Henderson & Carter Davis

Teens Found Dead Behind Grocery Store: Photos Of Natalie Henderson & Carter Davis
Titusville Publix Brownpau / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Teens Found Dead Behind Grocery Store: Photos Of Natalie Henderson & Carter Davis

Local police in Roswell, Georgia have identified two dead bodies of teens found behind Publix early morning Monday as Natalie Henderson and Carter Davis. Both 17-year-olds were seniors from nearby high schools.

The victims’ bodies were found by a delivery truck driver past 6 a.m. Monday. But the police remained clueless as to why the two were there or who was behind the crime.

Head Trauma

According to the Roswell Georgia News, Henderson was attending Roswell High School, while Davis was a student of River Ridge High School. Initial reports show that the two sustained head trauma, which could have caused their death.

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Meanwhile, friends and families of the victims are saddened by the incident, and messages of condolences flooded their personal Facebook pages. It wasn’t clear, however, whether the two were related or knew each other.

But not all messages were supportive to the grieving families, as some social media users started to infer on possible reasons behind the incident. This has caused some commenters to urge for responsible comments amid the tragic event, especially while the victims’ family are still mourning.


“Until the day comes that your loved one is a news story, you will never understand how much speculative comments can hurt at an already immeasurably painful time. Stop making assumptions or speculating on motives or questioning parenting. This isn’t a reality show. These aren’t fictional characters. They were real kids, with real families and friends in real pain right now,” commenter Amy Austin said.

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River Ridge High School, where Davis was attending, released a statement Monday evening on the issue, as reported by the WSBTV News. In the statement, the school described Davis as an “energetic student who was known as a friend to all. He always came to class in a good mood and with a smile on his face.” The statement added that Davis excelled as a student and was always willing to go the extra mile to help other students.

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