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Teen ‘Twilight’ Fans Murdered People, Then Shower And Sleep Together

Teen ‘Twilight’ Fans Murdered People, Then Shower And Sleep Together


Teen ‘Twilight’ Fans Murdered People, Then Shower And Sleep Together

Two teenage sweethearts have been arrest by the Nottingham Police in connection with the gory murders of one Elizabeth Edwards, 49 and her 13-year-old daughter Katie, who were murdered in their home on April 15 this year.

Dinner lady Elizabeth and her daughter Katie were found stabbed to death, both of them knifed through the throat in a “cold, calculated and callous” attack, as reported by Mirror.

The heinous murders were committed by two teenagers, a boy and a girl, both 14, who took a shower together after committing the crime, and sat down to watch the vampire romance Twilight.

It has been reported that the duo hatched the murder plot at a McDonald’s restaurant.

“The defendants had discussed how to kill them and had spoken about stabbing them in their necks in order to damage their voice boxes so they wouldn’t make a noise,” said Peter Joyce, QC, prosecution.

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The boy, unnamed due to security reasons, have admitted to committing the crime at the Nottingham Crown Court. The girl, however, denied murder and admitted only of manslaughter. Both of them were 15 at the time of appearing for the trial, reported Mirror.

The jurors for the case were told that the bodies of the victims were found in their blood-splattered house three days after the killings. The murder weapon has been discovered to be a “large kitchen knife” that was used to stab both the mother and the daughter.

“The mother was killed first while Katie slept in a nearby bedroom. They were both stabbed through the throat,” said Joyce to the jurors.

It is also suspected that Elizabeth and Katie were smothered with their own pillows after being brutally stabbed. The girl, allegedly the murder accomplice, listened to them “struggling and gurgling” as they were being murdered.

Mr Joyce also told the jurors that the girl waited in the bathroom during the murders because she “did not like the smell of blood”.

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The girl, in a police interview, revealed that the plot for the brutal murder was hatched four days prior to committing the crime. It was further discussed in a McDonald’s, reported The Daily Mail.

Elizabeth suffered five knife wounds to one hand – suggesting she attempted to fight off her killer. Katie was stabbed twice in the neck – with one blow so “severe” it penetrated a bone in her spine, as told to the jurors.

Sergeant Christopher Fletcher, from Lincolnshire Police, gave his statement before the court that he found the teen’s body under a sheet.

“I was hoping that she was asleep,” he said. “I was pulling her and shouting, ‘Wake up.’

“The sheets came off and I could see the torso of a young person. I touched her. She was cold and rigid.”

The girl does not deny being involved in the killings and “wanted them to happen”. The boy is one of the youngest criminals in Britain to have committed a double murder.

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