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Teen With Down Syndrome Voted High School Prom Queen

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Teen With Down Syndrome Voted High School Prom Queen

One of Katie Haugh’s biggest dreams just came true when she was crowned prom queen at Douglas High School in South Dakota.

For Katie, her journey to the crown started when her friends rallied around her and supported her nomination for prom queen. Katie is a 19-year-old senior who had been diagnosed with Down syndrome. She may be a bit shy but she loves the prom, just like any other high school student. She has also been having some difficulty staying in school lately.

In fact, according to a report from Inside Edition, Katie ended up spending the past six months sick. She had been in and out of the hospital and unable to make it to school. The moment she returned to school, students wasted no time making Katie feel welcome again. They also decided to launch a campaign to help Katie get voted for prom queen.

Katie’s mom, Donna Haugh, is a special education aide at Douglas. She witnessed firsthand all of the efforts that students did to campaign for Katie. “They made posters and had tickets they had at the door that said ‘Vote for Katie,’” Donna told Rapid City Journal. “The kids here are amazing. They like Katie, and Katie likes them,” Donna added. And when voting time came, Katie’s friends stayed near the ballots. They yelled “Vote for Katie!” as students placed their votes. And then, the results were finally in. Katie was officially announced as this year’s prom queen.

There was a lot of fun and dancing.

During the prom itself, the school’s homecoming king, Branson Taylor, got to place the crown on Katie’s head. Everybody cheered during Katie’s coronation. She looked so beautiful in her navy lace gown. “That was the loudest cheer, when Katie came out. The place went wild,” Donna recalled. Meanwhile, Taylor also walked with Katie during the prom’s grand march ceremony. He was happy that everyone rallied around his queen. “It was awesome, just watching everyone come together, that’s what was really cool to see.”

It’s safe to say that Katie had a magical prom night. She loved getting onstage and spending time with all her friends. But most of all, however, Katie enjoyed dancing that night. She even danced to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” That was her favorite part.

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