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Teen With Down Syndrome Goes To Prom In A Helicopter, Doritos Style

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Teen With Down Syndrome Goes To Prom In A Helicopter, Doritos Style

It was indeed a prom to remember for one teen with Down Syndrome. She and four of her friends got to arrive at the prom in a helicopter. And what’s more, the ride had been provided by her favorite snack, Doritos.

It all started in March when Shaedon Wedel decided to ask Carlie Wittman to the prom. Originally, Shaedon and Carlie’s older brother Carson had planned to take her together. However, Carson soon ended up having a girlfriend so Shaedon decided to ask Carlie out by himself instead. However, when it came to asking the 15-year-old teen with Down Syndrome, Shaedon didn’t want a traditional proposal. Instead, he opted for something as cheesy as possible.

It all started with a cheesy Doritos ‘promposal.’

If there is one thing that 18-year-old Shaedon knows, it’s that Carlie loves Doritos. “Ever since I have known her, Doritos are her favorite. How much she eats them is adorable,” Shaedon told The Hutchinson News. And so, that’s why Shaedon decided to incorporate the snack into his ‘promposal.’

So one day, Shaedon walked up to Carlie’s front door wearing a red Doritos t-shirt. The shirt read, “I know I’m NACHO typical Dorito but … I’m going to be CHEESY and ask: Will you go to prom with me?” Based on the video of the moment, Carlie was extremely pleased with Shaedon’s cheesy promposal. And of course, Carlie said yes. Shaedon also gave Carlie a bouquet of roses and a bag of Doritos.

Meanwhile, Shaedon’s promposal got viewed by more than 250,000 people online. In fact, even Doritos was touched by the moment. That’s exactly why they decided to make Carlie and Shaedon’s prom date extra special, Doritos style.

Carlie and Shaedon had the prom of their lives.

On the day of the prom itself, Doritos decided to send Shaedon and Carlie a helicopter so that they can arrive to their prom in style. According to a report from Fox 4 News, Doritos event sent two helicopters their way. One was for Shaedon and Carlie while the other one was for Carlie’s brother and his date.

The night was just magical for Carlie. “She loved the helicopter and just had a blast. It picked us up and flew us to dinner and then later the helicopter landed at the high school,” Shaedon told Inside Edition.

And aside from giving Carlie a memorable prom, Doritos also gave Carlie a year’s free supply of her favorite snack.

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