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Teen Son Of Canadian Diplomat Charged With Murder

Teen Son Of Canadian Diplomat Charged With Murder
Image from Flickr by Prayitno


Teen Son Of Canadian Diplomat Charged With Murder


Image from Flickr by Prayitno

Marc Wabafiyebazu, the 15-year-old son of a Canadian diplomat, was charged with first and second-degree murder on Wednesday by a Florida grand jury. He also faces charges of attempted murder, robbery and illegal possession of a gun. Despite being a teenager, he will be tried as an adult.

Wabafiyebazu was found guilty in a drug-related shootout which killed his older brother. He will be moved to an adult jail as long as the trial continues.

The crime happened last month when 17-year-olds Jean, Wabafiyebazu’s brother, and Joshua Wright, a suspected drug dealer, were killed. Miami police informed that the fight started between Jean and the drug dealer when the former wished to buy two pounds (one kg) of marijuana worth approximately $5,000.

The siblings’ mother, Roxanne Dube, was appointed as Canada’s consul general in Miami last November.

Wabafiyebazu’s lawyer said his client is innocent, and no guilty pleas will be given.

Investigator reported that on March 30, both the Wabafiyebazu brothers went to a house with the purpose of stealing marijuana from a drug dealer. The older brother went inside the house while the younger waited in the car. Several shots were heard from inside the house and upon hearing them, Marc rushed inside. What happened next is not yet clear as investigation is still ongoing.

Upon arriving on the spot, officers found the older Wabafiyebazu and drug dealer Wright dead.

According to police reports, the Wabafiyebazu brothers recently relocated to their mother’s home in South Florida from their father in Ottawa. The brothers reportedly took their mother’s personal vehicle for the drug deal, according to CBC News.

If convicted, Marc Wabafiyebazu could be sentenced to life without parole or face the death penalty.

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