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Teen Shot In The Face Near Dyker Heights School

Teen Shot In The Face Near Dyker Heights School
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Teen Shot In The Face Near Dyker Heights School

A teenage male had been shot in the face just across a school in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon.

The teen is reported to be between 18 and 19 years old. The shooting occurred at around 2 PM inside an apartment building located at 1238 Bay Ridge Avenue. The said apartment is located just across the P.S. 176 The Ovington School.

Shooting occurred inside a Brooklyn apartment building.

The incident reportedly happened on the third floor. According to police sources, the victim sustained a gunshot wound in his cheek. After he was shot, he had managed to call the police to report the shooting himself. Following the incident, the victim was soon rushed to the Maimonides Medical Center. He reportedly appears to have a hole in his cheek. The teenage male is now said to be in critical condition.

Police now have two suspects in custody and possibly, the weapon used.

Upon investigating the shooting, police say they had managed to apprehend two suspects. PIX 11 reported that the suspects were located at the Failon Supermarket on Eighth Avenue. Meanwhile, according to a report from CBS New York, the said suspects are now being questioned at a nearby police precinct. Meanwhile, several sources have also said that police have already recovered the weapon used in the shooting.

Victim appears to know both suspects.

According to reports, it also appears that the victim knew both of the suspects. They seem to have had a falling out. As this happened, one of them had pulled out a gun and fired at the victim while they were at the third-floor apartment.

The identity of the victim is currently unknown. However, a bodega worker nearby said he saw the victim just moments before the shooting occurred. Adaab Alzandni told the teenage boy that he could not use the phone charger in the deli. “I just heard a lot of cops coming,” he recalled. “They told me he got shot.”

Nearby school went into lockdown as police arrived.

Meanwhile, according to a report from News 12 Brooklyn, there were no students from P.S. 176 involved in the shooting. Moreover, the school had decided to go into lockdown soon as police responded to the scene.

Police are now standing guard at the apartment building where the shooting took place.

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