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‘Teen Mom’ Scandal: Maci Bookout Faked Pregnancy?

‘Teen Mom’ Scandal: Maci Bookout Faked Pregnancy?
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‘Teen Mom’ Scandal: Maci Bookout Faked Pregnancy?

Maci Bookout may be turning out to be more than a reality star, as rumors have surfaced that the “Teen Mom” reality star may already have known of her pregnancy off-cam before she found out on live TV.

The Chatanooga native couldn’t therefore help her fans from expressing their outrage upon seeing her drinking alcohol despite her obvious baby bump – creating a scandal that could later on escalate.

It can be recalled that during the show’s season premiere, the lady journalist complained to her fiancé Taylor McKinney that she was tipping the scale. And when he advised her to take a pregnancy test, it was then when the learned on-cam that she was infanticipating.

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But apparently, “Teen Mom” fans didn’t fall for Maci Bookout’s little “act,” at it seemed pretty obvious that she was already on the family way, according to Radar Online.

“I love Maci but she is so noticeably pregnant at her engagement shoot… How could she not know?” one of her fans commented.

One of her followers added: “I’d also like to say you knew about the baby and the proposal. Why you and MTV thought we wouldn’t realize that is beyond me.”

Another disgruntled fan ranted, that “Maci and Taylor gotta be some of the worst reality TV actors ever.”

However, McKinney hasn’t taken the fakery rumors lightly, as he took to social media to air their side of the issue.

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“We’re actors?” he asked. “They forgot my script and I never got a trailer. Somebody getting fired.”

Well, it seems that the backlash – and the scandal – over Macy Bookout outrageous behavior hasn’t died down after “Teen Mom” star was criticized early this year for drinking beer despite a pretty obvious bump in the tummy.

In an earlier interview with Us Weekly, the “Teen Mom” announced on Valentine’s Day that she was expecting her second child with fiancé McKinney. During the said interview, the reality revealed that the people close to her were stunned when they learned about the news.

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Macy Bookout, who shot to fame on the “Teen Mom” reality series, said she found out about the pregnancy in January, just two days after her fiancée proposed.

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