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Teen With End-stage Cancer Marries High School Sweetheart

Teen With End-stage Cancer Marries High School Sweetheart


Teen With End-stage Cancer Marries High School Sweetheart

Even cancer could not get into the way of a teenager who recently married his high school sweetheart after being diagnosed with a terminal stage cancer.

In an intimate matrimonial ceremony held in Pennsylvania over the weekend, Luke Blanock, 18 tied the knot with the love of his love, Natalie Britvich, the ABC News reported. The simple, but emotional ceremony, was attended by 200 guests, mostly the couple’s close families, friends, and even strangers who came to show support.

The couple, on their individual Instagram posts, couldn’t contain their happiness hours after getting married. On her IG account, Natalie posted their first picture as Mr. and Mrs. Luke Blanock, while Luke posted on his IG account their first dance as a couple.

In an interview with the CBS News, wedding planner Ashley Cyprowski said couple barely had to worry about the financial aspect of the wedding as donations easily came in from the couple’s family, friends, and those who showed support to the fund they created.

“We got a ton of donations. The flowers, the reception hall itself, just a lot of people came together from our local community and donated their time, their services, and their goods. With all their medical expenses they don’t have a lot to spend on something like this,” Cyprowski was quoted as saying by the CBS News.

In December 2013, Luke, a former star of their high school basketball team was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, an extremely rare type of bone cancer.

According to the statistics from the cancer think tank, around 225 children and teens in the US are diagnosed with Ewing tumor; a large chunk of this has this rare bone cancer each year. It added that the five-year survival rate for Ewing cancer is pegged at 70 percent, that is, if the patient is diagnosed before the tumor metastasized or spread to other organs of the body. The survival rate even shrinks when the tumor spreads to the liver.

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