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Teen Eats Face Of Michelle Stevens And John Stevens: Photos, Facts About The Couple

Teen Eats Face Of Michelle Stevens And John Stevens: Photos, Facts About The Couple
Michelle Mischon Stevens and John Stevens Facebook


Teen Eats Face Of Michelle Stevens And John Stevens: Photos, Facts About The Couple

Michelle Stevens and John Stevens were a couple who had a great marriage. Upon news of their death, many of their family and friends mourned for the couple’s unexpected demise.

Michelle and John were outside their home in Tequesta in Martin County, Florida when they were attacked by 19-year-old Austin Harrouff. In what seemed like a fit of rage, he stabbed the couple repeatedly and mauled John’s face as he laid dead.

The couple had just celebrated their 19th anniversary last July 3, the same day John celebrated his birthday. In a post to mark the occasions, Michelle wrote, “Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary John Stevens. I love you to the deep blue and beyond. Here’s to another 19 years of laughter, life and love.”

The couple enjoyed being near the water and catching fish. At one point, Michelle proudly displayed a tuna she had caught. The couple had aso done a lot of fishing adventures with their family and friends.

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The couple also enjoyed showing their affection for each other. At one point, John posted that they had gotten married last February 21, 2011. To which Michelle replied, “REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? XOXO.” John messaged his wife back saying, “Funny girl.”

Later on, John said that the post was about his son John IV, a former Marine who served in Iraq. “Very proud of him,” John remarked.

Before her death, Michelle worked at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. Coworker Ashley Lauren Kowalski described her as an “incredible person, always smiling and happy.”

“One of my amazing coworkers and friend, We love you Michelle! RIP never forget xoxo,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, a friend of the couple’s, Judy Orovitz Herald, also said, “I am SO Sad to learn & report of this beautiful couple’s murder. Michelle Mishcon Stevens & J. Stevens loved life like no other couple I know! Every share was with a BIG Smile, from their boat, having been out on the water.”

According to a report from Fox News, John died from blunt force trauma and multiple stab wounds as per the autopsy findings. Meanwhile, the autopsy on Michelle has not yet been completed.

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