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Teen To Earn A College Degree Before Getting Her High School Diploma

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Teen To Earn A College Degree Before Getting Her High School Diploma

One teen will earn her college degree before she even gets her high school diploma.

Raven Osborne is both a high senior and a college student. The 18-year-old may be attending high school at the 21st Century Charter High School in Gary, Indiana. At the same time though, Osborne also took online classes at a community college and attended Purdue University Northwest for two years.

Osborne is set to accept her college diploma on May 5. Meanwhile, her high school graduation is scheduled for May 22. Some people just can’t believe that Osborne had managed to finish both at the same time. “Yeah, they think I’m lying,” she told CBS News during a recent interview.

Osborne had actually managed to get a college degree since everyone in her high school is required to take college classes. This is a requirement set by the high school in order for the student to graduate.

Among Osborne’s high school graduating class, some of them just worked enough to earn a few credits. Meanwhile, five students managed to earn associate degrees. Only Osborne decided to go well above and beyond what here school required. And as Osborne recalls, it took a lot of hard work. “Sophomore, that was the most work. I had five high school classes, four college classes,” she said.

Osborne never had to pay for college.

It should also be noted that because of this setup, Osborne had managed to go to college for free. It’s something the foundation who runs her high school is incredibly proud about. In fact, they want to go ahead and increase college spending.

“The one line item I want to see go up every single year is how much I’m spending on college,” foundation head Kevin Teasley explained. He said that they typically rely on state funding in order to fund transportation and tuition to nearby colleges. Back when the program started, Teasley said they only had $10,000. Last year, they had a budget of $85,000.

Meanwhile, with both high school and college done at the same time, Osborne is excited to start making a living for herself. That starts later this year when she returns to her high school to become a teacher. Here, Osborne’s starting salary is $38,000 a year. For this woman, the future is certainly bright.

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