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Teddy Bridgewater Leg Injury: Vikings Players Vomit, NFL Career In Line!

Teddy Bridgewater Leg Injury: Vikings Players Vomit, NFL Career In Line!
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Teddy Bridgewater Leg Injury: Vikings Players Vomit, NFL Career In Line!

Teddy Bridgewater’s leg injury reportedly made other Vikings player vomit on sight. Will this accident affect the athlete’s NFL career?

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback had a non-contact knee injury while they were having a practice.

He was immediately picked up by an ambulance following the gruesome event when he began “grabbing his knee.”

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Meanwhile, head coach Mike Zimmer did not specified what cause Teddy Bridgewater’s leg injury but said that “It doesn’t look good right now.”

The Vikings cancelled practice, and Bridgewater was picked up in an ambulance.

Vikings Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman said that Teddy Bridgewater will make a full recovery.

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He also confirmed that he had dislocated his knee and suffered a tear to his ACL. He is set to undergo a surgical repair in the next few days.

But what made Teddy Bridgewater’s leg injury bothering was reports that other players vomited upon seeing the player’s knee, BoBible said.

Brian Murphy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press said that the players were “swearing and praying.”

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Rap Sheet meanwhile said in a tweet, “Via @RapSheet, Bridgewater’s “gruesome” knee injury had Vikings players disturbed and horrified, even throwing up on the field.”

However, Ian Rapoport later on clarified his statement, saying that the players did not actually throw up.

“I said this,” he said. “But what I meant was they were noticeably affected. Regrettably, it was not meant literally.”

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According to Business Insider, Teddy Bridgewater’s leg injury and his possible absence for the third season in the NFL might fail the expectations from the Vikings.

IN the playoffs, Vikings had missed a field goal away from the NFC Divisional game. Notably, Adrian Peterson may also be a great contribution to make their way in the domination of the NFC North.

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