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Technology Enthusiasts Anticipate Launch of New Devices this Month

Technology Enthusiasts Anticipate Launch of New Devices this Month


Technology Enthusiasts Anticipate Launch of New Devices this Month

Technology Enthusiasts Anticipate Launch of New Devices this MonthSeptember would surely be an interesting month for many technology firms. That is because many of those are set to unveil new devices in efforts to stir up and further intensify competition.

September 4 would definitely be an important date because a couple of product launches from various companies are set ahead of the same-day opening of the yearly IFA consumer electronics trade show to be held in Berlin, Germany. Samsung Electronics and Sony Corp would try to steal the show from IFA. Meanwhile, Apple Inc would have a ‘show’ of its own a week after.

Samsung Electronics

South Korea’s Samsung is leading the pack. As early as the first week of August, the company already confirmed plans to launch on September 4 a new smartwatch it dubbed as the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Not to be missed as well would be the launch of a new Galaxy Note smartphone. This launch is expected to open a new domain for competition among technology firms, which now seem to shift focus on wearable devices.

Thus, many gadget enthusiasts are now anticipating that launch. They are logically curious how Samsung’s own smartwatch would be different when compared to the existing smartwatches that are already in the market. Just Last June, Sony introduced the upgraded version of its own SmartWatch, which could connect with most other Android smartphones.

Sony Corp

Japan’s Sony is catching up. In the past week, it posted a teaser video of its new flagship smartphone at its official YouTube channel. Several sources claimed that the new device is codenamed ‘Honami.’ It is expected to boast of impressive features, including a 20-megapixel camera that uses its own image sensor.

The teaser video also hinted that the new handset’s body would be waterproof. It would also sport many other interesting features that are obviously aimed at putting the company back on track in the competition. Sony is set to launch the new smartphone on September 4.

Apple Inc

Following this year’s IFA, Apple is set to stage its own product launch. The company has not confirmed any date for its event yet, but many analysts believe it would be on September 10. This is based on launch patterns of the company for its other iPhones and devices in the past years.

The US-based technology giant is expected to launch two new iPhones this year. iPhone 5S would be a timely upgrade of its iPhone 5, which was released almost the same time last year. On the other hand, iPhone 5C is expected to be a totally different iPhone because it would be a lower-priced one and the first to come in plastic and colorful casing.

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