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Tech Fan Wins Apple Watch Warranty Court Battle

Tech Fan Wins Apple Watch Warranty Court Battle
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Tech Fan Wins Apple Watch Warranty Court Battle

The year barely started and it seems like Apple’s troubles are slowly mounting. One such case is the recent legal battle that it had encountered from a tech fan. Gareth Cross, the tech fan from Aberystwyth bought an Apple Watch Sport for £339 GBP last July, spotted a crack in its glass face ten days later, reports BBC News.

When Mr. Cross complained, Apple said that the work to fix the watch is not covered by warranty, despite the firm’s claim that it was scratch resistant. The tech fan then took the company to Aberystwyth small claims court for breach of the “Sale of Goods Act” and has emerged victorious after a six month fight.

Daily Mail has reported that an Aberystwyth County Court judge ruled that Apple has breached the contract of sale by refusing to repair or even replace the watch as it has been falsely advertised. The tech company was then ordered by the court to refund the watch and pay £429 GBP. The Cupertino company has since changed the watch description removing its claim that the product is impact resistant.

Mr. Cross said that he bought a regular Apple Watch and a Sport version of the said product, the regular one was for his wife while he chose the sport version because of its “impact resistant” feature which he needed as he said he is prone to knocking things.

Cross said that he has not even engaged in any strenuous activity but just sat while watching TV, when he noticed that his watch has acquired a tiny crack ten days after buying it. When Cross went to work he noticed that his watch’s crack become bigger and bigger until he called Apple to have it repaired.

But the company refused to repair it after seeing the photos that Cross took of his watch. BBC was told by the man from Aberystwyth that the case began to become stressful as time passed by. He couldn’t understand why one of the most valuable companies in the world would want to go to the courts over the said issue but he still wanted to continue the fight for his consumer rights.

After the ruling was passed Cross said he was relieved. He states that he still plans to buy another Apple Watch as he had liked his watch during the ten days that he had it. He admits though that he might wait until the Apple releases the next model of the watch.

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