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Teaser Teaser For 24th James Bond Movie Spectre Released

Teaser Teaser For 24th James Bond Movie Spectre Released
Image from Flickr by Dave McLear


Teaser Teaser For 24th James Bond Movie Spectre Released

James Bond 007 by Dave McLear

Image from Flickr by Dave McLear

The teaser trailer for “Spectre” has been released, with Daniel Craig returning as iconic Secret Service agent James Bond and Sam Mendes, fresh from the recently successful and equally phenomenal “Skyfall,” the man behind the camera. Meanwhile, it has been reported that crew members of the movie has gone on an alcoholic rampage during a flight, and Roger Moore has denied accusations of racism against Idris Elba.

Most Personal Bond Yet?

The teaser trailer suggests a dark past James Bond has harbored for years. If it is any indication to what viewers should expect with the final product, “Spectre” is looking to be the most personal, most intrusive James Bond movie yet.

In an interview with IGN’s Roth Cornet, producers Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli were a bit mum regarding the movie’s links with past Bond titles.

When asked if “Spectre” is in any way related to “Quantum of Solace,” Broccoli laughed and said, “Oh, you’ll have to see the movie. You thought you’d sneak that one, did you?”

Compared with the success of “Skyfall,” Wilson said, “I think when you come off a successful film — I think all of us felt we had to keep some momentum going. We really want to come up to the plate and not try to rest on our laurels. So there were tremendous pressures there.”


On March 28, Mail Online reported that crew members of “Spectre” have gone on “a drunken rampage” during a flight toward Mexico.

It was reported that they allegedly vomited, urinated and smoked along the aisles of the plane. Some even verbally abused the flight’s crew members.

Daniel Craig and other cast members were not present in the plane when the incident took place.

Film production company Eon is investigating the alleged behavior. Wilson and Broccoli have also apologized to the airline’s crew.

“Dr. Nope”

It turns out ex-James Bond actor Roger Moore never said anything racist against Idris Elba, who is one of a handful of actors being considered as the next Bond.

The accusation came after an interview with Paris Match, when Moore mentioned that the actor who’d play Bond should be “English-English.” Despite not mentioning a specific name, fans and Elba’s supporters criticized Moore for his words.

On Twitter, Moore cleared up the charges against him by saying his words were taken out of context.


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