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Teacher Raises Money To Buy 650 Students A Bike Of Their Own

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Teacher Raises Money To Buy 650 Students A Bike Of Their Own

A teacher has taken it upon herself to make sure that every student in her school has a bike to call their own.

Katie Blomquist is a first-grade teacher who strongly believes that every child should have the opportunity to enjoy his or her childhood. And what’s a better way for a child to spend a sunny afternoon than to ride a bike around the neighborhood?

One little boy inspired his teacher to get a bike for everyone.

Blomquist said that the idea to get bikes was inspired by one of her students. “Due to his circumstances, he wasn’t getting the opportunity to enjoy many life experiences, and he never had been given a reason to be motivated in school,” she explained. That’s when Blomquist decided to do something about it.

She started taking her student out to museums, restaurants, plays, music stores and the beach. For his birthday, Blomquist decided to take him to Walmart so he could choose gifts. The boy asked her for a bike, but Blomquist said she couldn’t afford it. That’s when the teacher decided to set up a GoFundMe page to get some help.

While setting up the page, Blomquist realized that a lot of students in her class are experiencing the same financial situation as the little boy. Students in her school are generally from low-income families, and a bike just isn’t something they can afford to spend on. This is what inspired her to secure bikes for all 650 students in the school instead.

According to a report from ABC News, Blomquist managed to raise $80,000 in less than three months. She also received a generous donation from Steve Harvey. In fact, the host presented Blomquist a check for $20,000 when she appeared on “The Steve Harvey Show.”

With the money, Blomquist approached local bike shop Affordabike. Together, Blomquist and the store spent seven months designing the perfect bikes for the kids. They also picked out the colors and named the bikes, “The future, let’s go places.”

Today, Blomquist has a bigger goal. She recently created the organization Going Places, dedicated to providing children of low-income families with various enjoyable activities. These include summer camp, swimming lessons and more. Blomquist’s new organization provides bikes, too!

To help Going Places, you can make a donation here.

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