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Teacher Puts Grinch On Wall Of Kentucky Library Using Post-It Notes

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Teacher Puts Grinch On Wall Of Kentucky Library Using Post-It Notes

A Kentucky teacher is spreading the holiday cheer to make his students happy.

The Grinch in the Library

Tyler Watts created a large mural of the Grinch, a famed fictional character, using 1,000 Post-It notes. The 12-feet mural, which took two days to complete, was created in a public library in Whitesburg, Kentucky.

The Grinch, which first appeared in Dr. Seuss’s tale “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” is known as an anti-holiday spirit. However, Watts’ interpretation of the character is anything but.

‘Bright Spots’ Creates More Positive World

“You know, there’s so much sadness in the world today,” Watts said. “But when you can do something like this and put it in a spot where everybody can see, and even if it’s just one little thing like this, it’s still a bright spot. If more people could create more bright spots, the world would have more positive.”

The teacher would make murals on a smaller scale to get his students excited. Realizing it was fun, he began making larger ones.

In September, he made a mural of the Statue of Liberty during the Mountain’s Heritage Festival. The theme of the contest was “Remember Where You Came From.” He bagged the second position in the festival’s window display contest.

Watts said he intends to create more murals, especially at nearby children’s hospitals.

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