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Tea Maker Turns Model: Arshad Khan Facts, How He Became Online Sensation

Tea Maker Turns Model: Arshad Khan Facts, How He Became Online Sensation
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Tea Maker Turns Model: Arshad Khan Facts, How He Became Online Sensation

The internet went gaga over a Pakistani tea maker for 24 hours and he is now on the way to becoming a supermodel!

The internet has the power of making or breaking someone’s career and when it comes to Arshad Khan of Pakistan, it changed his life!

Who is Arshad Khan?

Arshad Khan is a young Pakistani guy who works at a small tea stall at Peshawar Chowk, Pakistan, near the vegetable market. He has blue eyes and has strikingly good looks, fit for the cover of any leading magazine.

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He comes from a family of 18 siblings, who live in Mardan, Pakistan. His only ambition in life was to earn a living by selling tea until someone posted his picture on social media.

How did he become an internet sensation?

On one fateful day, a woman named Jiah Ali had the idea of clicking a picture of his ruggedly handsome face and posting it on her Instagram page.

The next thing he knew, people from all over the world were talking about the gorgeous “Chaiwallah” (Tea Maker) and #Chaiwallah was even trending in London!

People’s opinion – Arshad Khan should be a model!

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Girls couldn’t stop looking at his picture and fantasizing about him. Girls who lived close to his workplace were swarming around him, not to taste his tea, but to click selfies with him.

Articles were devoted to this extraordinary looking tea maker; media outlets could not stop chirping about how Arshad Khan had become an overnight sensation from just a common tea maker.

Soon Khan was clicking dozens of snaps a day with people whom he barely knew. However, the welcomed popularity had become somewhat of an unwelcomed disturbance for the lad.

He admitted to Duniya News that the excessive attention was irritating, especially during working hours, when he was trying to earn his livelihood.

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What has future in store for Arshad Khan?

However, he need not have complained since his pretty face and media hype has landed him a modeling contract with the company, Fitin. Now he appears in pictures clad in a black suit and a tie, a transformation that looks startling.

However, Express Tribune has pointed out that the way the entire fairy-tale happened for Arshad Khan has the issue of class-division at its core.

“What I would and do have a problem with is the accompanying surprise that he is a chaiwala. That this is a man from an obviously lower-income background and is yet so good looking,” wrote Columnist Frahanaz Zahidi.

People can choose to view it either way. But tea-making days for Arshad Khan are now left far behind for sure!

#chaiwala Ladies I found him!

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