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Taylor Swift VS Kim Kardashian Part 2: Who Deserves Next ‘Vogue’ Cover – Report

Taylor Swift VS Kim Kardashian Part 2: Who Deserves Next ‘Vogue’ Cover – Report
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Taylor Swift VS Kim Kardashian Part 2: Who Deserves Next ‘Vogue’ Cover – Report

After the “Famous” battle of Kim Kardashian & Taylor Swift, that went down as one of the biggest cat fights in celebrity history, it’s time for round 2 and the prize is the cover of Vogue Magazine!

Whenever things seem to cool down between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift, it is always the calm before the storm. And the storm is finally here, this time, brought on by Anna Wintour and her Vogue cover.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had appeared on the cover of Vogue back in 2014, which had quickly gone on to become the biggest-selling issue of the history of the magazine. So calling Kim Kardashian back for their September 2016 cover would seem like a decision that the editors of Vogue would definitely consider doing.

So what’s the holdup? Anna Wintour, the chief editor of Vogue, is not happy about being mocked in Kanye’s “Famous” music video, which features her look-alike naked in the bed with 12 other celebrities.

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According to Radar Online, Anna is looking for sweet revenge and she has found her answer in Taylor Swift. In the light of the recent feud between the two megastars, dropping one for the other when it comes to being featured on the cover of Vogue is definitely going to sting whoever misses out.

Even though Anna Wintour has been a dear friend of the Kardashian family, even featuring Kendall Jenner on the August 2016 cover of the magazine, Anna is struggling to decide whether to pick Kim or Taylor for the Vogue cover.

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It has been reported that Anna’s daughter, Katherine Shaffer, unlike her confused mother, has a clear winner. She is siding with Taylor Swift and ever called her the “solid” undisputed star for the Vogue cover.

However, the decision lies with Katherine’s mother and not her and it will be her call that decides who gets to be on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Gossip Cop, however, has rubbished the news saying that there has been no proof of such a silly feud going on between any of the concerned parties and Anna Wintour would never make a professional decision based on her personal feelings.

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