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Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Relationship: ‘Staged’ Romance Busted In One Big Mistake

Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Relationship: ‘Staged’ Romance Busted In One Big Mistake
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Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Relationship: ‘Staged’ Romance Busted In One Big Mistake

When Tom Hiddleston woke up in the morning and donned an “I Heart T.S.” vest, he just wanted to confess his love for Taylor Swift. However all he ended up doing was to prove that their romance was all a PR stunt!

The relationship between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston seems to be one big vacation with the Loki actor popping up holding hands with the singer one day in England and the next in Italy.

On the 4th of July weekend, the newly formed love birds splashed around in the water in Rhodes Island along with some of their pals Gigi Hadid, Ryan Reynolds, Karlie Kloss and Ruby Rose and Este Haim.

Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston PDA

However, this time, no one’s eyes went to their touchy-feely romance. All eyes were transfixed on Tom Hiddleston’s White sleeveless vest which had the words “I (love sign) T.S.” printed on them, reports The Telegraph!

More than ridiculing the high school way of confessing love to someone, Tom Hiddleston is now facing heat for proving beyond doubt that his romance with Taylor Swift is “staged” and not at all genuine.

Taylor swift and Tom Hiddleston had previously been accused of a “staged” romance because they never missed an opportunity to pose for pictures or display PDA directly in front of the paparazzi everywhere they went.

Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Dating

The fact that Tom chose to wear that corny vest on his outing with Taylor proves that he recognizes the fact that paparazzi are following them everywhere they go. Why else will he have chosen an attire like that in a public place?

Tom’s “silent” confession turned out to be not so silent after all. Was this a deliberate attempt by both of therm to snatch another PR opportunity?

Social media has caught the two red-handed this time and they seem to be fooling no one, reports METRO. One twitter user wrote, “Tom Hiddleston is just so embarrassing. My toes are curling at his PR antics”, while another one stated, ‘Well that’s my love my Tom Hiddleston disappearing. Pass the sick bucket.”

Check out Tom’s “romantic” vest below!

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