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Taylor Swift Pulls Out Her Entire Music Catalog from Spotify

Taylor Swift Pulls Out Her Entire Music Catalog from Spotify


Taylor Swift Pulls Out Her Entire Music Catalog from Spotify

Taylor Swift Pulls Out Her Entire Music Catalog from SpotifyTaylor Swift has just endured another breakup. This time, it is with Spotify. The country-turned-pop music star has pulled out her entire music catalog from the popular online music streaming service. This means that all Spotify users from around the world would cease to enjoy Swift’s music, whether from her latest album ‘1989’ or from her older albums.

Swift has already acknowledged this move, creating an impression that she did it on purpose. It can be recalled that in July, she wrote an op-ed for a major daily newspaper, highlighting her position that file sharing, piracy, and online streaming of music are contributing to the shrinking paid album sales.

In that piece, Swift opined that music must not be free. She said she wants to see artists and labels someday deciding the price point of every album. Clearly, this opinion led her to make the drastic decision to pull out from Spotify.

Pulling out her music

But what interests more observers is that to date, Swift is yet to make a similar move against other music streaming services. Her new and old tunes are still playing on Pandora, Deezer, and Rdio. But there is no word yet whether she would also make the same move on those services.

Meanwhile, some music analysts point out that the presence of her music on several streaming services online may not have hurt sales of her albums. For instance, her latest CD ‘1989’ sold 1.3 million copies on its first week when it was launched on October 27. Her previous album called ‘Red’ comparatively sold 1.2 million copies on its first week.

Spotify begs to reconcile

For its part, it seems that Spotify may find a hard time from moving on after the breakup. In fact, it literally begged for Swift’s consideration for a ‘reconciliation.’ It has been asking the pop star since then to consider giving the service a second chance.

Spotify emphasized that most of its users are followers of Swift. In fact, according to its figures, about 16 million of its streaming service users played Swift’s songs in the past 30 days. Swift was also in the regular and customized playlists of over 19 million Spotify users before the breakup.

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