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Taylor Swift DJ Sexual Assault Case: Accused Dares Singer To File Criminal Charges

Taylor Swift DJ Sexual Assault Case: Accused Dares Singer To File Criminal Charges
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Taylor Swift DJ Sexual Assault Case: Accused Dares Singer To File Criminal Charges

The radio DJ from Denver speaks up after Taylor Swift accused him of sexuality assaulting her. Taylor Swift claimed that the Denver radio DJ allegedly groped her from behind at a meet-and-greet in 2013.

After Taylor Swift spoke about the incident, David Mueller lost his radio job. Swift claimed that Mueller touched her butt inappropriately after lifting her skirt up from behind.

In order to clear his name, Mueller had filed a lawsuit.

Accused dares Singer to press charges?

According to Page Six, Mueller has claimed Swifts charges to be false and the reason for him to lose his job.

Mueller had adamantly denied the charges made against him and wishes to fight Swift in the court.

Mueller was reported as saying, “What I was told that night and what I was told that day were different, but what I’m hearing now is that I stuck my hand under her skirt and grabbed her bare bottom.”

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Fox News reported the Denver radio DJ’s version of the incident.

According to Mueller, “I was looking at the photographer and I tried to get into the photo at the last second. I just kinda leaned in… I was just trying to get my right hand around Taylor… I’ve got my hand closed and my palm down and I reach behind, toward Taylor”

He further went on to explain that “My other hand I think was just on my belt or on my pocket, my left hand. So my right hand, I’ve got my hand closed and my palm down, and I reach behind, toward Taylor. Our hands touched and our arms crossed. That’s all I remember.”

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Mueller laments for not being charged with a criminal offence?

After much lamenting, Mueller cleared his version by stating that “Our hands touched and our arms crossed… My hand was never under her skirt. I never grabbed her. My hand was not open.”

Surprisingly Mueller laments to the fact that he had not being accused for a criminal offence. Out of fear Mueller had even contacted a criminal attorney. He now said that he has a better chance of defending himself if he received criminal and not civil charges.

The Denver radio DJ believes that “You’re innocent until proven guilty”.  He also mentioned that he did not get “a chance to defend myself in criminal court. I never got a chance to defend myself. I never got my day in court. My program director never came to my assistance at the arena that night. The police never showed up”

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