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Taylor Swift Dating Tom Hiddleston For Weeks, Using Him For Next Album Success?

Taylor Swift Dating Tom Hiddleston For Weeks, Using Him For Next Album Success?
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Taylor Swift Dating Tom Hiddleston For Weeks, Using Him For Next Album Success?

Could Taylor Swift just be using Tom Hiddleston for her next album’s success? Did she cheated on Calvin Harris?

Following the sighting of the 26-year-old singer and 35-year-old actor locking lips while enjoying the view of the beach in Rhode Island, their fans immediately filled various social media sites with their reactions – people lost it.

Some were happy about it while some were vocal about being shocked since she just broke up with DJ Calvin Harris around two weeks ago.

“but why does taylor swift and tom hiddleston feel like a punch in the heart? I like both of them, but…THERAPIST: aaaand that’s our time,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are together?! Wtf she moves faster than my wifi,” another tweeted. But did she really? Moved on too quickly? Or has this been going on for quite some time?

According to TMZ, the rumored romance between the “Bad Blood” artist and “The Night Manager” actor allegedly took place even weeks before her reported split from the Scottish DJ.

As narrated by the entertainment site’s sources, Calvin Harris “suspected something was up in early May” between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, and this was still “a month before their breakup”.

Accordingly, the ex-beau of the multi-awarded singer was “pissed and feels betrayed by her” that he immediately deleted his “a huge amount of love and respect” post when they broke up.

During the early part of this month, Hollywood Life reported that fans anticipated that their favourite pop star would be coming up anew with break-up songs. Did Taylor Swift suddenly make sure people knew about her and Tom so that this will create publicity for her next album, as speculated by Mic?

“Taylor Swift is not a love-crazed songstress — and it’s frankly naive to think otherwise,” the magazine wrote. Mic added that with these photos,”her resulting album, with likely allusions to Harris, to Hiddleston, to any and all the men befofe or since, will be a huge hit. These photos were a stroke of genius.”

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