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Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Wedding Rumor: The Song, The Ring, The Pre-Nup, All The Juicy Details

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Wedding Rumor: The Song, The Ring, The Pre-Nup, All The Juicy Details
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Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Wedding Rumor: The Song, The Ring, The Pre-Nup, All The Juicy Details

Reports had been swirling that Calvin Harris is planning a grandiose proposal for Taylor Swift. The $500K ring had made it on headlines everywhere. Too many details had been out in the open already. In the rate that the story is developing, Taylor might have said yes by now. And maybe this is why, for the first time, after a long time, T is finally composing a song that talks about a fairy tale, a forever, apart from her old songs which always have a bitter undertone to them.

Is this the Wedding song?

Speaking with The Hollywood Life, a source revealed that Taylor is now writing a happy song about Calvin. As for her inspiration, T is said to be constantly thinking about marrying Calvin, about staying together forever.

“She’s got all these ideas for happy love songs now because of him,” the source said.

“Taylor would love to marry Calvin she already talked about how she would take his name for her personal life but she’ll always stay ‘Taylor Swift,’” the source shared.

“She has a really good feeling that they will end up together. Even though they haven’t been together that long if he did ask her tomorrow she’d say yes, she’s just so happy with him.”

The $500k ring and the lengths that Calvin is willing to go for the money

A source, who had spoken with Life & Style magazine, revealed that Calvin is already looking for an engagement ring with the price tag of $500,000. He is said to be planning to drop on his knees in a romantic spot in Italy or Paris, the source revealed.

“Taylor loves chunky rings, so he wants to go big. He’s looking at cushion-cut centre stones and is willing to drop at least $500,000!” the source divulged.

The expensive ring may have been the reason why Calvin is willing to bare it all as the new model of Armani’s underwear line for the spring season. The photos for the campaign will have Calvin wearing only his tattoo and tight undies.

The $200 million ‘unromantic’ prenup

In another money related issue, T’s father and her financial team is reportedly pushing for a possible $200 million prenuptial agreement to be signed by the couple.

“Her dad and her whole money team are going to want her to sign one, of course. But Taylor just thinks the whole topic is so distasteful — they’ll be fighting her on it,” a source was quoted as saying by The Hollywood Life, citing Life & Style Aug 10 edition.

“Taylor’s worth over $200 million, and he’s worth about half that, so we’re talking some serious negotiations,” the source said.

However, another source who has spoken exclusively with The Hollywood Life said Taylor is willing to marry Calvin even without the pre-nup.

“Taylor hates the idea of having a prenup when she gets married. She thinks it’s so unromantic — it’s like giving up before you even start. When she gets married, she wants it to be forever, no prenup required.”


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