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Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Breakup: Can’t Handle $2 Million Marriage Pressure! 

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Breakup: Can’t Handle $2 Million Marriage Pressure! 
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Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Breakup: Can’t Handle $2 Million Marriage Pressure! 

Why did Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris break up? Even though original reports claimed that the two broke up amicably and it was a mature decision they made together because the love simply is not there anymore — can anyone really believe this?

Some magazines that did more digging because they cannot believe there was no drama in this breakup (which was what  People magazine reported), claimed that it was Calvin Harris who really dumped Taylor Swift.

Allegedly, Harris cannot deal with the pressure from Swift to get married already. Hollywood Life learned from a source that Swift really wanted to settle down with Harris already but the latter is not yet ready.

“Taylor was starting to pressure Calvin into walking down the aisle and he just felt that he wasn’t ready yet,” the source said.

Unfortunately, Harris still wants to focus on his career and cannot stand the thought of tying the knot with her, especially since they have only been dating for 15 months.

“He’s still, and always will be, career-focused and doesn’t want to settle down just yet. He envisaged getting married at 35-plus, and wasn’t comfortable talking about getting hitched after just a little over a year of dating,” the source added.

While it seems incredulous that Swift will pressure anyone to marry her, wedding plans between the two are not that impossible either.

Earlier this year, an OK magazine issue (via Hollywood Life) reported that the two have already made some wedding plans. Reportedly, the wedding they had in mind would even reach $2 million. The date was said to set in August this year. “They’d like to get married as soon as August,” the insider continued. “It’s all happening really fast.”

OK magazine also dug deeper and said Swift is not keen on letting Harris sign a prenuptial agreement. So is this a case of cold feet for Harris so he decided the best way to remove himself from the situation by calling it quits?

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