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Tatiana Maslany Is Finally An Emmy Nominee

Tatiana Maslany Is Finally An Emmy Nominee
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Tatiana Maslany Is Finally An Emmy Nominee

Has it been two seasons too late? In what seems like a miracle, or even a stroke of luck, the talented Tatiana Maslany finally scored an Emmy nomination.

Jokingly referred to as the Queen of Emmy Snubs after how the 29-year-old actress got ignored by the Emmy Awards for the first two seasons of the science fiction TV series “Orphan Black,” Maslany is absolutely delighted with the news.

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“I didn’t even expect it at all,” she told Variety. No one did expect it, given the Emmy’s tendency to nominate actors and actresses in non-fantasy-non-sci-fi genres.

“It’s super nice, and it feels like a nice thing for the show to get that kind of recognition, and for the fans — they’ve been so supportive and protective of us; it feels like a communal thing.”

It wasn’t a surprise that Amy Schumer, who is also nominated for Best Actress in another category, tweeted her excitement over Maslany’s nomination, to which the Clone Queen herself returned a witty reply.

Win or lose, fans would be still be happy for Tatiana, who plays several different characters, each with her own unique personality and nuisance. After all, she is nominated alongside Taraji P. Henson and Viola Davis, both of which already have strong buzz behind them.

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